Chief Imam Advises Moslems Youth To Be Guided By Peace Which Is The Pillar Of Islamic Religion.

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The Chief Imam at Nkaseim in the Asutifi South District of Ahafo Region, Alhaji Usman Mohammed has stressed the need for the Muslims youth to desist from violence attitudes that tend to tarnish the image of Islamic religion.

He noted that Islam as a responsible religion was established on peaceful note and therefore the youth who believes in the religion needs to promote its principles to attract the society.

Speaking to the Correspondent in an interview, Alhaji Usman hinted that violence has nothing to do with Islam.

Stressing that those who have been presiding over violence conduct in the name of Islam mastermind it from their own characters or from what they learnt, and does not relate to Islamic doctoring

 Alhaji Usman reechoed that Islam means peace and has nothing to do with antisocial vices and accordingly appealed to the youth who engages in such act to avoid it.

We are here to serve Allah and do what is right of us to full the principles of the Holy Koran, therefore our mandates of promoting peace should be our priority, Chief Imam Usman observed.

Picture attached: Alhaji Usman.

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