"I need a faithful boyfriend, I am really serious", lady cries out.


Many beautiful ladies in this country are faced with the challenge of getting a relationship. The reason why many of these beautiful ladies have no relationships is because whenever boys see them, they assume they are already in relationships.

This is the perception many gentlemen out there have. They think every beautiful lady is in a relationship. Well, they have a point but this is so wrong. Most of them are in no relationships and are looking forward to having partners sooner.

In this article I am going to talk about a beautiful lady who has come out to ask the gentlemen around that she needs a relationship so badly. She is known as Slim Waist Mary over on Twitter. This name is obviously due to the fact that she has a beautiful slim waist which has protruded her backside thereby adding a nice shape to her body.

She took to her Twitter page talking about the fact that she needs a faithful boyfriend and added that she is very serious about what she was saying

This gives an inference that she has already had a heartbreak. The boyfriend she previously had was a cheat.

Looking at how beautiful she is, you wonder what made her boyfriend cheat on her. Well, nobody knows but her ex boyfriend.

These are some stunning pictures of this nice damsel;

After posting this to her timeline many people have started talking about it. It has really caused a huge traffic online and the conversations coming with it are overwhelming.

Never did I know that many guys on the social media were single. Most of them are asking her to consider them and that they would always stay faithful to her.

To the guys out here who want to shoot their shots, her handle is right in the first picture. The ball lies in your court but make sure she doesn't give you a "bounce"

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