Inside Uhuru-Gideon Moi's Tours to Rift Valley and Plans to Debunk Ruto's Wave


Four days ago, reports emerged on President Uhuru Kenyatta's imminent plans to visit Rift valley Region this coming July.

According to a publication by the Daily Nation, Uhuru will be expected to storm Deputy President William Ruto's backyard in July, in a move seen as one way of countering Ruto's influence in the vote rich region.

It has been reported that Uhuru will be accompanied by Jubilee party Deputy secretary General and Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny, Ainabkoi's Joshua Chepkut and other leaders from the Region.

Although the exact dates of his visit still remains unanimous, insider reports privy to the visit have revealed of a well orchestic plans by Uhuru to use his visit to debunk Ruto's wave, with reports revealing that the president will also be accompanied by Baringo Senator Gideon Moi to the region.

Gideon, who is one of Rift Valley's influential leaders, has been flexing muscles with the DP to control the rich vote region.

His latest alleged decision to dump OKA and join Raila Odinga ahead of 2022 has further speculated on what could be cooking between Uhuru, Raila and the soft spoken senator.

Well, the planned Rift Valley developmental tours by President Uhuru and Gideon Moi now brings a clear picture of a leader who is being molded by Uhuru to take over from 2027, once Raila's one term comes to an end.

According Uhuru's allies, the tour to Ruto's backyard will be used to market Gideon as the de-factor from the region, who has been marshalling and championing resources to the Rift Valley.

Uhuru will be expected to visit Rift Valley's heart, Eldoret, where he will be expected to launch the newly constructed Eldoret by-pass. He will also be expected to issue title deeds to hundreds of Eldoret residents.

He will then proceed to Trans Nzoia, where he will issue title deeds to Cherangany resident, before flying back to Nakuru, where he will also give out more title deeds and grant the county its city-status charter. 

Although it is considered developmental tours, Uhuru's visit to the region, just few months to the next general polls, has been considered a clever move to counter Tanga-tanga gospel, claiming Uhuru has abandoned the region in terms of Big Four Agenda, developments and instead concentrate on BBI politics.

According to The Star Newspaper report on Monday, Gideon Moi has left his OKA friends and join Raila Odinga ahead of 2022. It is reported that Uhuru is planning on having Gideon deputize Raila in 2022, hence the need to have him shift camps.


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