Circumstance under which manual register will be used by the IEBC.

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According to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, manual registers will only be used in the event that every digital register at the polling place is broken.

Abdi Yakub Guliye, an IEBC commissioner, stated that the commission will abide by the decision in 2017 and that the digital version of the primary register will be used.

Yakub claimed that the manual register which is making a fuss is produced right from the digital register.

The SD card will be taken out and put into a different functional kit if a kit is defective. Yakub reaffirmed that the information on the SD card is secure and that no one will be able to access it even if it is inserted into another computer.

Yakub stated that in order to cast a ballot, a person must appear at the polling place with the identification they used to register to vote.

The clerk will verify if the voter's image appears on the screen the day of the election and if it does, they will be given a ballot so they can cast their vote.

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