Is It Right For Men To Wear Dresses? See What Senator Anyang' Nyong'o's Son Said

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This young faahionista gentleman is called Peter Nyong'o junior. The current governor of Kisumu County Peter Anyang' Nyong'o is his biological father. Schooled in United States of America and graduated with a bachelor of Arts in theater and digital arts from Stetson University in Florida. For him, men wearing women clothes is not an abomination or something to critusize in the general public.

In an African view and norms, men are not supposed to wear women clothes. But for Nyong'o junior, he has gone against the odds by showcasing to the world that men too can wear dresses. Infact he seems to be obsessed so much with women dresses. He claims that how we mark the difference in the society is really what matters the most. Has his father failed has a man in upbringing him? Leave your comments below. One last thing; See below some of his stunning photos in women attires. Remember to follow me for more scintillating content.


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