"The Secondary School I graduated, Is Privately Owned By An Igbo Christian Woman" - Zainab Aliyu

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A Muslim Lady Zainab Ali wrote this on her social media handles. The secondary school I graduated from, is privately owned by an Igbo Christian woman. 

I remember when I was still there, there were Muslim girls who were uncomfortable with the uniform so will therefore wear their hijabs to the gate, put it in their bags and wear it again as soon as they step out of the gate. Years after we left, I don't know how it was decided, but the hijab became part of the uniform to accommodate those girls whose identity as Muslims is hinged on that piece of clothing. 

I am sure there are Muslim girls who still don't wear the hijab, in spite of that provision. Their choice.

I will expect that even if these schools still belong to the church, but they give admission to Muslims, in the spirit of being Christlike, they would let them (Muslim girls) wear that harmless covering that does not in anyway disrespect the Christian faith or faithfuls.

But then, this is Nigeria where Muslims and Christians thrive on intolerance and hate. 

Having said that, In a country as fractured and fragile as this, for the sake of peace, maybe Kwara state government should just give the schools back to the church, and let those who want hijab decide whether to stay or leave.

That some comments from different people about this issue after she posted on her Facebook page.

The so called missionary schools are now more or less a public institutions. They are majorly funded by the government.

Same here. My school was own my a Christian Igbo woman. Throughout my school there we didn't even use an head tie let alone an hijab. This school was located in the heart of kano filled with kids from almost all the ethnic group in Nigeria. I miss the 1990s. Wonder why this pieces of clothing call hijab has suddenly gone so controversial.

Aunty Zainab the issue of hijab is not an issue & can never be an issue, I am a Christian but the truth be told, there are people who don't want/like 2 open their hair in public & their right should be respected. When serving as a copper you cover your hair with approved white hijab as a copper which means the hijab that matches the colour of the uniform or head tie should be approved because it a public school, so l learnt, please I just spoke my mind & I come in peace.

This problem is a purely a constitutional matter, do students have the right to wear a piece of cloth as taught by their religion or not? These schools are government schools as of now. Some of the missionary schools taken over after the civil war up to the Gen Buhari's regime have been paid for through eminent domain, returning these schools will create an even bigger problem!!! Allow girls to wear that is appropriate is not only the right thing, it is the legal thing.

As you said the country is "fractured" don't you think is necessary to make amend and return to the better way instead of allowing intolerance and disaffection to continue unabated?.

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