Maria TV Series : " Upende Usipende Mimi Bado ni Mama Yako" Kanini Demands Respect From Sophia

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The episode starts with Kanini and Sophia arguing over the witchcraft that seems not to be working. Sophia tells Kanini that she knew her plans don't make sense at all. Kanini, on her part reacted and tells her that she cannot disrespect her after all the things she did to her. Sophia shamelessly tells her that she hasn't contributed anything to her life.

Sophia harshly tells Kanini that her plans were not well calculated, and if it were we couldn't be talking about CCTV. She is worried and tells Kanini that since the CCTV has been there they don't know what the Hausa's think about them. She tells her that her devils and the witchcraft that she practices at night couldn't even reveal to her that the house is fitted with CCTV.

However, Kanini clarifies to Sophia that her witches were not directed to CCTV, but her interest was to ensure that Sophia comes back to the Hausa's family and live with Luwi, her husband forever. Sophia isn't convinced about Kanini's Witchcraft not revealing the CCTV in the house. She angrily tells Kanini that all their plans are ruined because of her.

Moreover, Sophia tells Kanini that she regrets being her mother. Kanini angrily stands and rebuke Sophia for disregarding her and she tells her that she remains her mother whether she likes it or not. Sophia tells Kanini that is the reason she chased her away, and Kanini accepts that she has failed in her plans but one thing she may not forget is that she is in the Hausa's family because of her. Kanini reminds her that her plans and expectations are too high and since then she hasn't achieved any. She sneered at her and left.

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