REVEALED: What Spurs Fans Were Throwing At Rudiger During yesterday 2-0 Win

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An incident involving Antonio Rudiger and Tottenham supporters occurred during Chelsea's 2-0 win against Tottenham today, and what was thrown at the Chelsea defender by the away fans has finally been disclosed. 

Chelsea had a good start in West London, as they dominated possession. For his foul on Thiago Silva, Harry Kane had a goal disallowed. Meanwhile, Hakim Ziyech's magnificent long-range strike gave Chelsea the lead in the second half, before Thiago Silva's header increased the lead. The win was Chelsea's 13th of the season, and it was Tuchel's third over Conte. 

Chelsea has also defeated Tottenham four times in all competitions this season.

However, at one point during the game's second half, Some Spurs fans threw objects at two Chelsea defenders, Cesar Azpillicueta and Antonio Rudiger, from the away end. Later, Referee Andre Marriner became aware of the ongoing conflict and approached Rudiger to calm him down (after the Chelsea defender signaled the object to him). The referee then walked to another official in the stands to report the event. 

According to Chelsea rumors, the objects thrown at Rudiger by Spurs fans were lighters, which is extremely dangerous because it may kill the German star. This act could result in a lifelong ban for these supporters if their identities are discovered later, as there is currently an inquiry underway. The investigation's outcome will be known sooner or later. 

The English football bodies (i.e. The FA) normally try to keep such incidents to a bare minimum in order to safeguard the safety of every player on the field at all times. Since a result, everyone at Chelsea is hoping for a positive outcome from the inquiry into that incident, as they want Rudiger to receive justice.

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