"You Have no Space in Kenyan Politics" MP Simba Arati Tells Ruto as He Declares 'Political War'


Simba Arati courtesy Facebook

Dagoretti North Member of Parliament Hon Simba Arati has sent a strong message to deputy president Dr William Samoei ahead of the much anticipated 2022 general elections.

The Orange Democratic Movement ODM MP was making his remarks after Kenya African National Union KANU party secretary general Nick Salat bashed the second in command saying he should be stopped by all means.

Salat had declared political war against the DP especially in Riftvalley region accusing him of allegedly engaging in massive looting of the country's resources.

Arati seems to have been touched with Salat's remarks against the second in command.

The former prime minister Raila Odinga allied MP reiterated the KANU SG's remarks warning the DP that his space in Kenyan politics was over.

He promised to put up spirited fight with the help of other like minded individuals to ensure DP Ruto is brought down politically.

Here are some of the reactions to MP Arati's warning message to DP Ruto;

"Ruto is a force to reckon with, one man army giving you sleepless night, bure kabisa"

"So you mean William Ruto is your priority??? Poleni Sana,as you consider William Ruto to be your priority in politics, Ruto takes Kenyans as his first priority,he even doesn't even know what you're planning but he's minding about Kenyans"

Deputy president Dr William Samoei Ruto courtesy Facebook

"KANU orphans talk as if they can win anything in TBD coming elections. We've seen them withdrawing everywhere as the d-day approaches."

"Adhere to your manifestos fanyia wanaichi kazii....Ruto My preside"

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