3 Things Done By President Uhuru That Were Never Done By Any Other President In Kenya

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President Uhuru Kenyatta. Picture Courtesy

Every president aims to leave a legacy behind. Something he would be fondly remembered for. When President Uhuru Kenyatta swore fidelity to our Kenyan Constitution he had similar ambitions. On his inaguration ceremony he said that the day heralded new dawn for the country. He has strived to fulfill that promise. Here, we look at three achievements never attained by any other president in history of independent Kenya.

1. Standard Gauge Railway

SGR. Picture Courtesy

It seemed impossible but President Uhuru Kenyatta made it happen. Now Kenyans can move from the capital city to Indian Ocean in just four hours. A journey that would initially take over ten hours by road.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was the first leader to build one inch of Railway line in over 100 years. The old Railway was built between 1896-1901. President Uhuru through his leadership built a new standard gauge railway from Mombasa to Suswa in Narok County. The railway line does not only offer transport to passengers but also cargo. It is now easier to move cargo from Mombasa Island to other parts of country using SGR.

2. Lamu Port

Lamu Port. Picture Courtesy

When President Uhuru became president in 2013, the country had only one sea port. Port of Mombasa had been built in 1896 at Kilindini. The modern port we see now was earnestly constructed in 1926. Over the years, more berths have been added but never a new port. This is despite Kenya enjoying one of the longest ocean streaks in Africa.

Under leadership of President Uhuru all that has changed now. The country now boasts of two sea ports. Lamu Port was recently launched by the president and it has already started operations. It has expanded our trade tremendously especially with our northern neighbors.

3. Record tarmack of roads.

The Expressway Nairobi. Photo Courtesy

President Uhuru Kenyatta became the first president to hit over 10,000 mark of tarmack road. To put that in perspective, his government has constructed more than double of all the other three presidents combined. Some of his legacy road projects include The Expressway, Waiyaki Way and Mau Mau Road.

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