'We Are United, We Never Give Up' - Ronaldo Exalts Manchester United.

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Always encouraging his teammates to be up and strong on sunny and rainy days, Cristiano Ronaldo was the mind behind the Red Devils epic comeback, in their champions league clash against Atalanta.

Conceding two first-half goals, the Red Devils would have been the losing side as their opponents were intent on making the big upset in the home of the English club, but a good collective fight from Manchester United was enough to stop the disappointment at home. Exalting his teammates for their collective efforts and struggle to end the game in a favourable result, Cristiano Ronaldo via Instagram has aired his views on their encounter against Atlanta.

Two goals from Maguire and Rashford was able to stabilise everything and a late goal coming from Cristiano Ronaldo was enough to bring their collective efforts and fight to a fruitful end, and of course, their champions league dreams came alive in the theatre of dreams.

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