Photo: Ken Nnamani Visits Tinubu, Praises Him For Assisting Senate To Stop Third Term Bid

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Photo Credit: The Nation & Joe Igbokwe

The photo of Senator Ken Nnamani's visit to Chief Bola Tinubu filtered online yesterday, the former senator of the federal republic of Nigeria paid a courtesy visit to the leader of the All Progressive Congress(APC) after his return from the UK where he has gone for a medical check.

During their interactions, he thanked Tinubu for all his efforts in ensuring that the third term bid of the Chief Olusegun Obasanjo did not see the light of the day. That assuming that happened, we would not have been enjoying the dividends of democracy up till now in Nigeria.

Mr. Ken was among the leaders of the senate during that period and gave in his best to ensure one and united Nigeria.

Here is the photo below, for your viewing pleasure:

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