Nanyuki Sex Workers Demonstrate After Invasion Of Their 'Market' By Isiolo Counterparts

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Sex workers from Nanyuki are complaining over a stiff completion from their Isiolo Counterparts something which has led to tremendous drop in their daily profits.

In a report posted on Facebook by a Laikipia news page, it is reported that sex workers from Isiolo invaded Nanyuki town and are concentrated on Joskaki area.

It's now survival for the fittest in that area by the Nanyuki night nurses since the customers are few and fueled by the effects of covid 19 and the fact that it is January, the potential customers have become so scarce.

In adition, the Isiolo night nurses are claimed to be more attractive and have thick thighs compared to the Nanyuki ones. This quality of them being more attractive and well spoken has made many men to drift to them at the expense of the Nanyuki ones who claim they are in their town.

According to a unanimous observer of the protest, the Isiolo sex workers have a great advantage over the Nanyuki ones since they have a character driven theatric and other experiences that prioritize customer satisfaction.

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