Rema May Not Be Forgiven For Breaking The Hearts Of Many Girls


Divine Ikubor also known as Rema, may be getting more than what he bargained for.

You know, the Marvin Records star made an open request for a date. 

The call saw thousands of female hopefuls, girls of all ages and statuses trying to hold his attention in the best way they could.

Fortunately for a girl named Nimi (Instagram @nimiie_) she tickled his fancy. 

Now I don't really know the basis for his date selection. 

But one thing I know quite well is that his choice of date succeeded in pissing off a nation of girls who follow the young man's craft.

In his quest for a girl to take out, he has left a trail of broken the hearts amongst his female fan base.

Seeing that these girls, a lot of them have been staging angry protests on his social media pages. 

Like, his last Instagram post was an announcement to his fans that he can't wait for the forthcoming date - tomorrow.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

As the comments from the embittered ladies who lost to Nimi were mostly in the negative. 

They can't be blamed though, as nobody wants to be made to feel unworthy.

That's why I feel that Rema should have thought through this idea before implementing it. 

Personally, I think it wasn't a smart one.

Putting a harem of ladies in a stiff competition with themselves and favouring one over the others is tantamount to building animosity against himself and generating hate on the chosen one, Nimi.

Moreover, for a budding artiste with a solid female fan base, who knows, there are those who might take it personal and withdraw their support.

Remember the saying, 'hell hath no fury like a scorned woman'.