Things You Should Never Apologize For

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Why do you apologize all the time if you feel like doing something and you feel good about it? The following are nine things for which you should never, ever apologize:

1. Being in love with someone

Even if it isn't a reciprocal emotion, being in love is a lovely thing.

You should not be ashamed of your love for someone who is bad for you or who does not love you back.

No matter who you love, you should never apologize for loving. It's your right, and even if it's against the law, your heart, not you, makes the decision, therefore there's nothing else you can do but own it.

2. Being able to say "no"

You are not required to offer any excuses or provide any explanations. 'No' is a full sentence that does not need to be justified. What you don't comprehend is that by merely saying "yes" to one thing, you are saying "no" to millions of other things. Without even realizing it, you're doing it.

So, why should you apologize for stating your disinterest in doing something? It's pointless, and you should quit doing it. It's your life, and you can do whatever you want with it. Don't do anything if you don't feel like it. It doesn't get any more straightforward than this.

3. Pursuing your dreams

You only have one life to live, and you're the only one who can decide how you'll spend it. When you're old and wrinkled, you'll be the only one to blame for not living life to the fullest, and you'll only be able to point fingers in your mirror at the one who's to blame.

You'll thank yourself in the future for the things you're apologizing for right now. Take this into consideration.

You need time to recharge your batteries, and being around people can be stressful at times. It's quite acceptable to take someone's time.

It's not only acceptable; it's required. You are not required to apologize. You'll never have to apologize for spending time for yourself.

4. Just because someone isn't your friend doesn't mean they aren't your enemy.

Priority does not imply that you have done something wrong. There are more important things in life, and you've already arranged them in order of importance, which is ideal.

The only thing you're concerned about is your sense of guilt. So, why do you keep apologizing if it doesn't matter to you, if it's not at the top of your priority list, or if it's not even deserving of being on your priority list?

You get to choose your priorities because it's your life. Anyone who doesn't agree can simply go on and find someone else to brainwash. You know what's important to you, and you should never apologize for it.

5. Breaking up with a toxic partner

For a variety of reasons, many people remain in toxic relationships. You should be proud of yourself for being wise and courageous enough to end your poisonous relationship. Instead of apologizing, you should congratulate yourself on your brilliant move.

6. You have flaws.

Would the line "All your flaws combine to create a perfect human being" make sense to you? There are so many flawed people out there, yet no one seems to notice. Nobody else is recognizing your weaknesses but you. And if they are, they're most likely simply being jerks. You should never apologize for who you are or what makes you who you are.

7. Standing firm in your convictions.

Dimming your voice when you truly have something to say is the worst thing you could ever do. Just because someone else disagrees with you does not mean you are incorrect. When someone gets upset, don't be scared and don't apologize. Instead, take a firm stance. When everything is finished and you are correct, you will feel much better.

8. Advocating truthfulness

Should you lie if someone can't handle the truth? Nope! You should never apologize for being straightforward and stating it like it is. Do it, even if it hurts someone or causes you to lose a few individuals in your life. There's nothing to be scared of, nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to apologize for. Wouldn't you rather know the truth, no matter how painful it is than be consoled by lies?

It's your life, not anyone else's, that you're living. This is something you already know. So, instead of lowering your voice and acting like a scared little bird, take control of your ideas, feelings, and actions. Those who are concerned will not be bothered, and those who are concerned will not be bothered.

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