Mt Kenya Politician Slams DP Ruto As He Reveals That He Regrets Joining UDA Party

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Vocal Mount Kenya politician has expressed his regrets for joining UDA. This is Thika MP Wainaina wa Jungle who was bundled out of the UDA Kiambu nominations for the Gubernatorial race by Kimani Wamatangi. Following this, Wainaina has opted to vie for Kiambu Gubernatorial race with an independent ticket.

This will not be the first time since even in 2017, he lost in the Jubilee nominations but later won the Thika sear independent. In an interview, Wainaina has revealed that he had vowed to contest for this seat under independent but it is Ruto who convinced him to join UDA, a move that he fully regrets to date

"I had started as an independent candidate like I had done in Thika. However as time went by, someone (Ruto) convinced me to join his party which I regret. I should have stood to my guns that am independent to avoid all that," Thika MP Wainaina wa Jungle has lamented

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