Today's Newspaper Headlines Review


Justin Muturi coronation: Speaker dares MPs to impeach him National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi on Sunday dared Members of Parliament opposed to his coronation as Mount Kenya spokesperson to impeach him.

Kenya offers to support Sudan’s transition to democracy Kenya has offered to help Sudan’s reforms for government institutions as the country emerges from years of conflict and isolation.

From herdsboy to Mang’u old boy: Chance and kind charity One day, while reading my Standard Six CRE textbook, I came across a report on mission schools and my dream to join the prestigious Mang’u High School was born. 

There is never a dull moment for a surgeon in the village as there are happy and crazy hilarious days. Some border on the criminal, other patients are just mischievous, some are prisoners of their beliefs.

A week after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s trip to Nyanza where he unveiled mega projects, there is a push by other Opposition leaders to go for the presidency so that their regions can benefit.