" I Can't Sleep" Sonko Explains Why He Could Not Sleep At Night


The former governor of nairobi city county Mike mbuvi sonko has on his Facebook page expressed himself of what he is going through since when he was impeached last year. On his page he wrote " I can't sleep. Insomnia is real, however my people never respond to insults. The main purpose of insulters is to annoy and make you act without thinking. Frustrate them with your silence because as you go silent, God will help you plan for their defeat secretly as silence is not defeat and in silence you plan for their defeat because it is the best weapon"

Mike Sonko despite being impeached as nairobi city county governor, he has never stop assisting the needy in the ghetto, in many occasions he is seen providing help to youths, needy children in the streets of Nairobi.

His followers did not hesitate to comfort him and asked him to accept everything and submit to God in prayers.

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