"Yes I forced Her To Do The Act But Please Forgive Me Am Too Old," 71-Year-old Man Pleads In Court


There was drama in court after a 71-year-old man admitted to forcing himself on a woman, and stealing KSh300 from her handbag at Nairobi's City Park Forest.

The man now identified as Emmanuel Mateka pleaded with Kibera court to be lenient on him because of his age. 

“It is true I committed the offence but please don’t send me to jail because I would die in custody, given I’m elderly,” he told the court.

The man was arrested afew weeks ago after he committed the heinous act on innocent lady.

Sources indicate that he had lured a young woman to meeting him up with a job promising.

However things went south as the elderly man showed up at the park carrying a knife in hand.

The innocent lady was forced to the act and later brutalized, with the rogue man taking all her cash.

During the court proceedings, the 71-year-old man got emotional requesting the judge to be merciful for his actions.

This worrying case comes at time when, cases of gender based violence have increased to a worrying trend across the country.

Almost every week kenyans have been reporting some shocking news of ladies and men being brutally murdered after some wild family fights

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