The monster called corruption is responsible for the insecurity in Nigeria.


Corruption is dishonest and illegal behaviour that can affect us negatively as individuals or collectively as a people.

Corruption breaches the code of conducts that allow us the privilege of living in a just and fair society.

However, corruption can also be seen as a monster capable of destroying the very fabric of human development.

The monster called corruption is no man's friend. Those who take sides with it are men and women without conscience and the true fear of God. Today's world is about empowering people and building of societies that will remind posterity of how truly great we were. It is not about self, it is about institutions and humanity. If you are a leader, you must be selfless, open minded, with a good vision and determination to lead your nation and people to a higher ground of achievement.

It is a shame for someone, in position of authority, to steal from his people or fatherland and to launder such funds to buy himself mansions and estates elsewhere in the world. Such a person should be stigmatised as a 'MONKEY LEADER'.

We are in no need of Monkey Leadership in any area of the endeavour, be it in government or in the private sector. A 'Monkey Leader' will choose to have all the banana at the expense of the troop.

Despite being blessed with so much natural resources such as : crude oil, natural gas, arable agricultural land, zinc, tin, lead, niobium, limestone, coal and iron ore. Nigeria still remains grossly underdeveloped due to corruption and lack of good leadership.

The rate of insecurity face in Nigeria today, is as a result of corruption and bad leadership. Our leaders should do the needful.

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