Zora: Madiba And Kwame Faces Hard Life In The Village

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Madiba and Kwame are among the best actors doing great work on Zora series. Madiba and Kwame are brothers and sons to the Chibale but lately the truth has been revealed and Madiba and Kwame are found not the real sons of Chibale.Madiba and Kwame are sons of Gerald and their father died in the village. The real Chibale, Milton took everything from them and Kicked the out the house. The had no other place to live but to go back in the village.

Madiba and Kwame they are having a hard life in the village because they have never lived a village life. In the last episodes Kwame is seen struggling to light up fire using the traditional firewoods because is the first time to do so. Madiba is also having a tough job to cut the firewoods into pieces so they can cook. The life is not easy on them.

Life turns so fast the other day Madiba and Kwame were enjoying good life with everything they wants but now they are suffering in village.

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