The remedy right here works wonders when it comes to unlocking your lucks

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Brown sugar.

Glass of water.

Go and look for seolo at the forestry, you will find that seolo closed then break that seolo on top till you see the ants then stop.  

Then kneel down in front of seolo start praying, inform your ancestors that you came to phahla them at seolo, once finish praying phahla by pouring water on top of seolo as you pour the water speak at the same time,

Clap your hands that way you show respect to your ancestors, then after pour half cup of brown sugar on top of seolo ask everything you want e.g money, your business to grow, ask job, ask marriage, ask protection, ask cars, believe after 3 days you will see positive results.

Again you can use this ritual if you don't know your father family or your mother family they will show up to you.

Let me teach you when you phahla at seolo those ants you find them there, represent your ancestors when you give them water you are actually giving your ancestors water to drink.

When you pour sugar to those ants you are actually giving your ancestors sweets that way they will be happy and by pouring water, brown sugar you are actually uniting your father side ancestors and your mother ancestors to be united so they can help you with everything you want.

By giving them water and brown sugar you are showing them that you love them. L et's love our ancestors and be proud of them. When you phahla ask them everything you want.

Time to phahla from 06:00 in the morning till 11:00 in the morning.





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