Connie Ferguson's daughter lets her fans know that they spoil her for Valentine's day.

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The day of lovers is around the corner. Valentines day is a day where lovers get to be spoilt with gifts for no reason. Women mostly take advantage of the day and make it about them while it is about both. But they deserve to be spoilt as they take care of us.

Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson has been very busy lately. The death of her father made her work even more. Her mother can't do certain things leaving her to step up. The actress and production manager will be on Radio 2000 tomorrow for an interview about acting. We can't wait to hear what she will say. 

She has shared a beautiful picture of herself letting her fans know about her savings. In her post she goes on to tell them that if anyone wants to get her a gift for Valentines day, they can. She's loved by people and might just get them.

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