Knut Senses Deceit in Teachers CBA, Vows To Oppose Any Unsatisfactory Proposals


The teachers have had a rough and a tough journey in their quests for a better pay.These journeys have at times found the teachers union Knut bosses on the wrong side of the law.At one time,Knut SG Wilson Sossion was handcuffed for refusing to call off the strike.Fortunately, Sossion refused and was called on the negotiation table and later signed a return to work agreement.

Probably,it is this sturbon nature of Knut that has led to the Commision dealing with Knut to reduce its powers.The teachers have ended up leaving the union since the union members are not entitled to new salary increments and promotions.The Knut diehards have been left in the cold since 2017.

The teachers through their unions Kuppet and Knut have always been represented on the salaries negotiation table with TSC.The new expected CBA to be paid in July is not yet ready for implementation.Knut cried foul of being left out of the negotiations after its proposals were rejected.This angered the union that distanced itself with the proposals.

Knut has called off the strike notice it had issued.This so as to give the SRC enough time to complete the job evaluations.SRC had notified the union that it is not yet through with job evaluation.However,SG Wilson Sossion has now said that he is aware that the job evaluations are already complete.He has vowed to oppose any unsatisfactory proposals.The same sentiments have also been echoed by Deputy SG Hesbon Otieno.Incase SRC approves the TSC's 16-30% that Knut rejected,the union may call for strike again and this may make the implementation of the CBA to suffer a setback.