County In Kenya Where Men Are Thoroughly Beaten By Their Wives


The congregation in Kirinyaga County has put up a red flag over the rise of domestic turmoil events targeting men within the places. The crime has gone invisible since conventional men do not communicate their shortcomings in public leaving the issue unaddressed.

But Bishop Joseph Kibucwa of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Kirinyaga Diocese senses that this is the right time to deal with and organize domestic violence targeting men before things get too far for a whirling point. During the Anglican Men's Association session Mr Kibuchwa said that it was in the civil property that some women in our county are beating their husbands.

The incident took place at the Kerugoya ACK church Cathedral where more than 200 men attended .Domestic turmoil targeting either men or women is an infringement of human rights.

The United Nations has in the current interpreted it as cloud pandemic, which has been on the surge since the outbreak of the Covid 19 disaster. Bishop Kibucwa reports that it is against the schoolings of Christianity. In Kirinyaga, the trials of men who are being wounded by their wives has been on a constant rise.Most occurrences have gone undocumented to the police officers, while a few have been reported to authority at most in Gichugu Constituency.