Rare Body Features That Are Hard To Find Part One

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Here's an amazing fact you probably didn't know: your body is made up of seven octillion atoms! We know - we were surprised too! As incredible as this revelation is, it also means that seven octillion things in your body can unexpectantly change, either in the womb or after you are born. Don't be alarmed though; not all of these changes are bad! These unique features and characteristics are, for many people, part of what makes them so special, and they are truly fascinating to see as well. Scroll down to take a look at the rarest and most stunning traits that very few in the world have.

1. One In 200 People Have An Extra Rib

While most people have 12 pairs of ribs equaling 24 total, some people occasionally have the 25th rib. About one in every 200 people have a rare body feature called a cervical rib that forms above the first rib, growing at the base of the neck and above the collar bone. 

It's possible to have one without knowing it because it is not painful. The extra rib sometimes doesn't fully form and can be a thin strand of tissue fibers that won't show up on an X-ray. Can you imagine not knowing you've had an extra bone all these years? 

2. Someone's Cold

You have probably experienced a tingling feeling when your fingers are cold in the winter, but it fades when you get warm again. Some people are left with white and numb fingers for longer than usual. 

This can happen because of limited blood flow in cold temperatures or stressful situations. It looks like someone dipped their hand in white paint, and we wonder if they can still feel their finger because they look like they are going to fall off. 

3. Less Than 1 Percent Of People Have A Sinus Tract... Above Their Ear

Although it looks like an ear piercing, it is a congenital condition that causes a small hole or dimple above the outer ear. It is usually found on top of the ear, where it connects to the side of the head. It's mostly harmless, although it can be susceptible to infection. 

It's not common in the West, where it is found in less than one percent of the population. Scientists believe it was once a gill, but sadly you can't use it to breathe underwater.

4. Ocular Albinism Is Only Found In 1 Out Of 50,000 People

Albinism is often lumped into one category, and you may not know that there are different types of this condition. One type of albinism is ocular albinism, which can affect the hair and skin, but it primarily affects the eyes. 

The condition causes people to have light eyes, it can reduce vision, cause sensitivity to light, and other eye conditions. According to the Vision of Children Foundation, about 1 in 50,000 people have ocular albinism. 

5. Have You Ever Heard Of "Elf Ears"?

No, this woman is not an elf, but she does have elf-like ears. This is caused by a condition known as Darwin's tubercle. It is common in Spanish, Indian, and Swedish people. Scientists do not know why this happens. 

At least if she ever wanted to make some money as a seasonal worker at the mall, she could easily get a job as Santa's helper, and she wouldn't have to put on fake ears. That's a small win in our book.

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