Ruto's Ally Dares The Government Against Making This Move Which Will Hurt Kenyans Even More


Deputy President's key ally, Hon. Ndidi Nyoro has dared the government of Kenya against their planned move that will expose Kenyans to more suffering during this Covid-19 period. The Kiharu Member of Parliament has raised concerns over the government's planned move to further increase fuel prices.

@NdidiNyoro GoK, Do NOT dare to increase oil prices anytime. While you are in posh offices, you may not have an idea of what Kenyans are going through especially after the recent restriction directives. Do NOT try to inflict more pain on Kenyans.

We are African and Africa is our Business.

The vocal MP has dared the government against increasing fuel prices as they continue residing in high end offices while majority of Kenyans are suffering.

Majority of Kenyans have been crying due to the hard economic times especially after most businesses have been closed down. The government through EPRA was on the spot after increasing prices of fuel in the country. It seems they are again planning to increase fuel prices according to sources.