NAGRAT proposes an increment in daily minimum wage from 11.82 to 15 cedis.


The employment and labour relations ministry recently sent an invitation to all stakeholders involved in the determination of the daily minimum wage for 2021.

According to experts, daily minimum wages are determined a year before.This year's minimum wage was supposed to be determined last year but because of the covid 19 pandemic things it wasn't determined.

Owing to the economic situation the nation is experiencing there is an urgent need for government to put in place the necessary measures to see a marginal increase in the amount of money that people earn on daily basis.

A lot of proposals have been made to this effect and the latest to comment on this topic is the general secretary of the national association of graduate teachers.

According to the general secretary of the graduate teachers,the required minimum wage for 2021 should 15 cedis .

According to the general secretary,this should have been determined long ago and owing to the prevailing economic situation around.

According to Mr Angel Carbonu,the astronomical increment in the prices of goods and services from the beginning of the year calls for an urgent need for an increment in the daily minimum wage.

Exgratia and other emoluments for article 71 holders were increased during the beginning of the year so it is obvious they won't push for salary increment for other government workers because they have already gotten what they want.

It is very sad how government workers are treated in this country where they receive very minimal increment in salaries which they are supposed to manage till another year.

All of us can attest to the fact that, we have lost count the number of times prices of items have been increased meanwhile the average government worker has to manage all these Increment from the previous year's level of salary.

It is obvious the heads of the labour unions don't care about their members either than that,they wouldn't have been quite till now while the average worker struggle with their meagre salaries.