Minority Lose Vote Counts As Parliament Moves Motion To Debate Report of Appointment Committee Tonight


Probably, this will be another night to watch in the House of Parliament. Tonight will see Parliament debate on the report of the Appointment Committee. It can be recalled that after the vetting process 22 minister designates were approved. Three were rejected and 10 others on pending.

In Parliament today, the Minority argued that they did not have enough members to debate the report of the appointment committee today. The Majority group however disagreed and moved for the debate. This led to a vote. After so many attempts to vote it turned out that the Minority polled 125 votes while the Majority got 137.

From the above the Speaker of Parliament moved the motion for the First Report of the appointment committee to be debated tonight. The debate will see what happens to the 13 minister nominees who are either on pending or rejected.

The Minority hope to get a secret vote on the 13 nominees. Apparently, they feel they will come a second time lucky and get their verdict at the vetting to stand.

Share your thoughts on the fate of the 13 nominees.

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