Top DJ quits music industry

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16 November 2021

Writer: Sphe J Hadebe

SOUTHAFRICAN HOUSE music lovers are still reeling in shock following the announcement made by the top deejay (DJ) on taking the decision to quit music industry total.

This popular DJ did not dwell much into details but merely cited personal reasons led her into taking this hard decision.

It is still quite unclear as to what could have been the reason for her to call it quit considering that she is doing so good in the music industry and recently she has made her way to the top.

On Monday, the South African female DJ JudyJay made an announcement on her social media pages through a lengthy statement where she stated that she is calling it quit.

Judy Jay, whose real name is Judy Mahlatji is also a staunch supporter of the ruling party, ANC as she is seen on her socials campaigning for the ANC.

This is why some people have likened her resignation to be related with her political moves. They stated that her political support could have compromised her career, as a result she had to resign.

This is her statement on Instagram:

"To Diesel, Sportscene, Drums Radio, YFM, Deeptown Jozi and those that I forgot to mention, thank you for contributing highly to my progress as a DJ.

"To all the promoters who booked me, thank you for believing in my craft. I truly loved and enjoyed travelling all over the country to showcase my talent.

"Most importantly, to my supporter and fans, thank you so much for all the love you have shown me. Without you, there wouldn't have been Judy Jay."

Judy Jay won the first edition of Diesel Denim Friday (DDF). South Africans showed her love on her first DDF appearance and have been rooting for her throughout the competition.

And when she finally won,she was ecstatic.

"I am truly overwhelmed and excited about this. At the same time, I am so grateful to have come out on top of this one because Diesel has, for a very long time, been my favourite brand.

"I honestly do not take any of this for granted and truly feel blessed. This could not have been possible without all the love surrounding me from my close ones but most importantly, my fans as well. I love them so much. Thank you so much," she said at the time.

In September this year, JudyJay waw appointed as one of the "Super Hero" DJs to mentor the emerging DJ in the upcoming DDF.

This is the statement attached below.


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