You Could Be Having Gonorrhea Infection If You Experience These Signs And Symptoms.


The following are signs and symptoms of gonorrhea infection that you need to know:-

First, Discharge from your reproductive organs in both men and women. The discharge is normally watery, creamy and slightly greenish in colour.

Secondly, Frequent urinatation and when you urinate, you experience a burning sensation indicating that your urinary tract system is inflammed.

Thirdly, In Women, they normally have bleeding between menstrual periods and also a sharp pain during and after an intercourse.

Fourthly, Having a sore throat with redness at the throat that lasts for three to four months if left untreated.Nomarlly sore throat causes lymph nodes in the neck to swell.

Next, Experiencing itching, swelling, pain and bleeding from the rectum, or bleeding after going for a long call.

In addition, Abdominal pain experienced in both men and women which makes you uncomfortable, the pain may go away but may still come back again.

Lastly, Fever and fatigue on everyday even without having performed a duty that makes you feel so.