Unexpected Turn || Zimbabwean Allegedly Closes Their Boarder After Discovering This ||See Why

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The people of South Africa have now been singing the same song for quite a while. This is because they want to bid farewell to the people of Zimbabwe who don't have the required documentation to be in the country.

This is because for them to be in the country with no required documentation makes things tough for the people of South Africa as most of their jobs are always taken by foreigners who don't have the right qualification. This is a pretty shame for every South African student who is sinning that by the end of their course they will be expected to get those jobs available.

The people of Zimbabwe have now been alleged to have closed their border for the upcoming festive season. This is because during this time lot of Zimbabweans who are from South Africa are always planning to visit their loved ones who are at home. It is alleged that the Zanu-PF political party might have closed the border not to allow any South Africans and Zimbabweans from heading to the country.

This is because of the new variant that is busy making chaos in the country. This is because a lot of foreign countries have declared South Africa as the red list of countries that have new the Covid-19 variant. This is because the alleged variant is said to be the one that is more severe than the rest of the variant.

The president of the country Cyril Ramaphosa is very saddened by some of the foreign countries that have closed off their flights to South Africa after hearing that the new variant has been detected. It seems like some countries are quick on dealing with such matters as they are very cautious that the variant discovered might cause casualties in their country.

What is your intake on this and why?

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