It's Bad As UDA Members Raise Allegations Concerning The Jubilee Party Mega Rally

Denis Itumbi has now shifted blames on the Jubilee party after deciding to disrupt the program which was set to kick off at Karuri primary. According yo Itumbi he claimed that the UDA Candidate, Wanjiku Njuguna has been conducting the sports events in the same venue that jubilee party members are currently arranging the seats. He claimed that the finals of the football match was supposed to be played at Karuri primary school which included; Kariru united and Simba United who are competing for Ksh 200k. He claimed that sseveral tents and chairs have been placed in that field yet it was set aside for the final match of Wanjiku tournament.

Furthermore, Itumbi declared that they paid for the slashing of the grass and levelling of the pitch. He claimed that the Jubilee party are planning to destroy the event of UDA party yet they booked the place as from match. He added that the Jubilee party are looking for a fight but they will have to play alongside the road. He declared that the people have decided that they will vote for Wanjiku Njuguna in the coming by-election.