Stop: Here are 5 ankara styles for you.

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Weddings have been popping up everywhere, your classmates, your colleagues, your family and your friends. You and I know there has to be a conscious effort to look elegant and stylish at a wedding hence the popular saying beauty is pain . You wouldn’t like to look odd or incomplete at a wedding for family or friends.

Ankara popularly known as "Ankara prints", "African prints","African wax prints" and "Holland wax" is a 100% cotton texture with vibrant patterns. It is mostly a very colourful material and is basically connected with Africa on account of its tribal-like designs and themes. 

As a woman or a lady, how you look mostly determines how you are addressed. This is why most people are afraid of their female bosses than their male bosses. A strict face and a serious attitude let’s everyone in the workplace know not to mess around with their female bosses or undermine their authority.

Everyone wears Ankara now, for weddings, for parties, for church activities and for work.

There is a saying that goes that “dress the way you want to be addressed”. As a female in the corporate and business world, how you dress determines how serious you are going to be taken by your colleagues or employees. Ankara can be used as corporate wear, trending fashion for weddings, parties, church activities and many more. This is what I call multipurpose (hahahahaaa).

Ankara can be simple and professional at the same time, below are pictures of designs and styles you can sew with your ankara cloths.

These designs are to your discretion, you choose the occasion you want to rock it with.

Got any weddings coming up?? Got any date coming up?? Try these styles and you won't be disappointed at all.

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