Henceforth, we will arrest these persons and deal with them drastically - Ghana Armed Forces Warns

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The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has released a statement to caution the general public on the unauthorised use of Military pattern uniforms and accoutrements, stating that from this time onwards, they "will arrest offended and deal with them drastically."

The Ghana Armed Forces noted that the unlawful use of it's uniform, equipment and accoutrements would not allowed to continue any longer. The statement noted that offenders will dealt with severely but on accordance with the provisions of the law.

The GAF also said, they are embarking on strict measures to bring the practice to and immediate end because some bad ones are using their uniform, equipment and accoutrements to defraud and engage in criminal activities.

The statement noted "The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) is embarking on a series of exercises to curb the unlawful sale and use of military pattern uniforms and accoutrements. These measures which will reinforce the existing methods have become necessary following the continuous use of the uniforms and accoutrements by persons and institutions who have not been permitted to do so.

Most importantly, these measures are being targeted at impersonators and miscreants who go to all lengths to secure these uniforms purposely for fraudulent and criminal acts.

Noted that despite several continuous public education and warnings to the general public to desist from the unauthorised use of the military uniforms the trend rather appears to be on the increase.

The GAF stressed that it does also notice with dismay, the increased use of military uniforms by some private security personnel, musicians and other entertainers and consequently efforts are underway to halt the practice.

That besides the illegality of the use of the uniforms and equipment and equipment buy this on authorised persons or group of persons orders with criminal motors used them to impersonate and out with unsuspecting members of the public in order to perpetuate crying.

GAF said, noting that this act creates a sense of insecurity in the country and tarnishes the image of the military. GAF will not allow this to persist and henceforth step up the arrest of this person and deal with them drastically but in accordance to the due process of the law.

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