A lady misbehaving towards her husband


Whar do u about this?when girls start dressing badly and parents refuse to alet them they end up in slave Queen.

Parents and elders have to educate them for them to be aware of what they are doing and the effect on what they are doing.

This is cause by school drop out, irresposibel parenting, poverty, and so on.

They will end up in sexual transmitted diseases, death, and so on.

The government can help solve this problems by creating more jobs, educating the children, helping them solve their problems, and so on.

Please parents let us help solve problems of our children.

The children are the futuer of every country so we have protect our children by saving them from any harm.

So because of this we need to provide our children(girls) with what ever they need so that they wilk be ok with they have.

Girls have to accept any the little their parents give to you that is what they have.

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