" We are just raising our kids and having sex only at this point"- South African businessman says

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South African financial specialist Nico Matlala is known for his ostentatious lifestyle and dating best in class celebrities. He is reliably in the data for a few unsatisfactory reasons, and today he is moving again for embarrassing his youngster mother well known Pretoria socialite Dineo Moloise. Nico posted accounts of Dineo contributing energy at his home and people were paralyzed considering the way that they thought they isolated for extraordinary after Nico faulted her for including him for cash.

"Dineo and I are not back together, we are basically raising our youngsters and participating in sexual relations a few seconds ago." He said.

People are paralyzed, they pulled Nico for ignoring the mother of his youngsters. Others need Dineo to know her worth and cut appends with him for incredible.


"Nico is constantly embarrassing Dineo. This man is a psycho." Said Leo_t.

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