The Price Of A Brand New Mercedes-Benz Bus In Kenyan shillings.

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In Kenya, there has always been a race among transport companies to have the latest and the most comfortable buses. This explains why most companies tend to retire their old buses after a short period and introduce new buses.

If you look at many online marketplaces for vehicles, you will realize that many companies are selling cars that are still in good condition. In the recent news, many bus companies have been adding new buses to their fleets.

This is in a bid to integrate more technology and make their passengers feel more comfortable. In a bid to get into the profitable market, several investors are now introducing Mercedes Benz buses into their fleets. This is because the buses are quite comfortable and reliable.

Mercedes-Benz has been producing buses in Germany since 1895 in various configurations. However, the 37 and 62 seaters are quite common in Kenya. If you need to purchase a 62 seater Mercedes-Benz bus in Kenya, you will need to spend a minimum of 12.7 million Kenyan shillings.

Source: Loozap.

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