Diabetic Leg Amputation is Preventable, Here Are 4 Tips You Need To Take Seriously

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Have you ever heard about Someone who got amputated due to diabetes? This is very true and it is for this reason that people tremble at the mention of the disease called Diabetes. But have you ever asked yourself, why one leg or in extreme cases both legs of people suffering from diabetes get amputated? The reason is quite simple, high blood sugar is one symptom of diabetes but when the blood contains much sugar, it can lead to nerve damage.

Not only does it lead to nerve damage professionally referred to as diabetic neuropathy but also leads to peripheral artery disease (PAD). When these happen, the diabetic patient not only loses sensation in the legs but also stands a higher chance of getting injured. Due to the artery disease and nerve damages, wounds don't heal and it is due to the poor healing and fear of the wound getting infected, that necessitates the removal of a person's leg. But this amputation or leg removal is very much preventable and in this piece we are going to have a look at some of the steps you should take seriously as a diabetic patient. Just sit tight and enjoy.

What Are The Steps You Should Take Seriously?

1. Eat A Healthy Diet; the first step towards avoiding leg amputation is finding ways of managing your blood sugar level. One way of achieving this is eating healthy meals. Consume more of fruits and also make sure you consume lean meats, fruits and vegetables, fiber and whole grains. Avoid Sugary foods or any fruit with high glycemic index for your own good.

2. Exercise For Atleast 30 Minutes Daily; when I say exercise, I don't mean you should engage in high impact exercises. Such exercises might even injure you thus increasing your problems, just ensure you do minor exercises and while at such exercises, be serious, sacrifice at least 30 minutes of your life daily for these exercises. Reason being that exercising is one easy and natural way of bringing down your blood sugar level.

3. Avoid Sugary Drinks Or even Juices; this is another thing you must take seriously. Reason being that taking sugary drinks would only pump back sugar or glucose into your blood thus multiplying your problems. So make sure you don't take sugary drinks or any drink at all with added sugar for your own good.

4. Check Your Blood Sugar Level Regularly; this is one thing you should never take for granted. The sugar level of a person suffering from diabetes can always go up at anytime, so it's very important for one to check his or her sugar level. It will enable you to know the best ways of managing the sugar level and also to know when something's going wrong.

Besides the above tips, there are other common tips that would also help prevent wounds or sores in your leg or feet;

1. Always Wash your leg with warm water.

2. Wear socks everywhere you go, never go barefooted, so you don't get exposed to infections that might culminate in sores.

3. Ensure you don't cross your legs to enable blood flow to the legs appropriately. This way the leg won't sting or pain you constantly.

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