The Muraya's heartbreaking loss

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Size 8 reborn was rushed to hospital, after experiencing high blood pressure ,which did not subside.

She has been having issues with high blood pressure when pregnant. Even with her previous pregnancy, her blood pressure was flactuating putting her pregnancy at risk.

Apparently, her husband (DJ Mo) was not at home when she was rushed to hospital. He was called and rushed to hospital , where size 8 had been admitted and waiting to go to theatre. Her life being at risk, doctors made a decision to save the mother, leading to her lossing the pregnancy.

It was really devastating for them since, they had anticipated to carry the pregnancy to full term. The family was extremely excited concerning baby number three , but God had other plans.

All in all , she thanked God for saving her life . She is also greatful for her children, husband and the doctors team, being led by doctor Nyamu ,who has been with them throughout the process and pregnancy journey.

It is every mother wish, to carry pregnancy to term without complications. It is indeed sad for the Muraya's .

God is indeed faithful and she'll come out strong.

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