The Hidden Truth Behind The Wearing Of Artificial Hair(Wig).


You should bear in mind that paradise is a blessed abode and no artificial thing will enter paradise. Satan is utilizing the wearing of artificial hair in taking numerous souls to hellfire and Christian ladies and men should be extremely cautious. Do you know artificial hair [wig] is a channel Satan is utilizing in sending numerous Christian souls to Hellfire? 

Numerous Christian ladies are having many problems like marriage issues, evil encounters, the soul of desire, and other devilish souls that I can't refer to all right now. These artificial hair you see available are from various sources like Brazil, Hindu, India, and the marine world. 

The nations recorded above are the most seen ones who at times sacrificed them to their gods then after it is exported to other countries. A nation like Brazil, Hindu, India, and so on make forfeited to their divine beings at times and what they use is their hair. 

They do the hair sacrifice in exchange for their sins to be forgiven and also their sorrows and pains to be taken away. This is usually done occasionally. These human hair forfeited to the divine beings are then traded to various places of the world for business as deals. 

These hairs are filled numerously with a satanic soul that is battling with numerous Christian ladies today. The cure is the thing that you are wearing. If you will stop wearing it and seek God’s protection, you will be saved.

The greater part of the artificial hair you see available is likewise from the marine soul [deep sea]. Satan is utilizing this as an instrument causing a ton of risks in the Christian cooperation and it's the ideal opportunity for all Christians to open their eyes and get some distance from it. 

Kindly abstain from wearing them and you will be liberated. Try not to permit the fallen angel to utilize this way to prevent you from entering paradise and jeopardize you on this planet. 

However, the actual hairs of your head are completely numbered. 

[Matthew 10:30] The Bible says that every one of the hairs on your head is totally numbered. Eliminate that devil ownership artificial hair on your head today and stay blessed.