Story of a Prisoner Who Invented Best Supercar in The World (Lamborghini) After He Was Insulted


Ferrucio Elio Arturo Lamborghini was born on April 28th 1916 in the middle of first World War in Rennazo, Italy. His parents were farmers, career which Ferrucio disliked. His attention was more drawn to mechanics of farm machinery. At his tender age he was obsessed with his father's tractors and other farm machineries , this led him to be enroll in Fretelll Tadia Technical Institute in Belogna to study mechanical engineering.

Upon graduation, Ferrucio was taken by Italian Airforce to work as Mechanics during World War II. He developed his his first experience in mechanics skills in the course of his duties in the war. At the end War in 1945, Ferrucio was taken as a prison, which he served one year in jail returning home year 1946. At the prison, he was assigned duty of fixing Allied Forces Milliary Vehicles.

Returning home after jail with full hand skills and courage in mechanical abilities he began to modify his old Fiat Topolino car he had purchased sometime back in his small garage. He also assisted his father in fixing and modification tractors.By 1947 Ferrucio plans and ambition to create a company was successful, he founded the company with other three mechanics. Lamborghini Tractor company gained momentum as the country invested much on agricultural field in aim to heal the wounds of World War.By 1950 his company was doing good with its production of 200 tractors by year.

His fortunes led him to buy Ferrari sport car, which he found them to be a bit noisy. One day he experienced s break down in clutch system and he decided to go to Ferrari Centre Factory and personally confronted Enzo Ferrari the owner of Ferrari cars. Instead he was insulted by Enzo Ferrari to concentrate on his tractors. Ferrucio saw this as a challenge.

In 1963 , the tractor business magnate established a giga factory Santa Agata. His obsession in bullfighting made him choose a bull as his logo. Lamborghini is now the best sport car.


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