How Raila And Martha Karua Were Heroically Received By The People Of Nyeri

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The Azimio team today headed to Nyeri County for their campaigns. The team was led by the presidential flagbearer Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua. As we near the election date, politicians are focused to hit their targets on their campaigns.

In a live video on Martha Karua's Facebook page, the convoy of vehicles was seen on the road heading to the venue. Many bodaboda riders were seen wearing the Jubilee reflectors escorting the vehicles to the venue.Raila's campaign song was played as the team went on with their journey to Nyeri.

As the team arrived to the venue, the people of Nyeri were all over the roadside wearing the Jubilee and Azimio t-shirts and huts. Some were carrying posters of their various political leaders. The people were seen shouting with joy and happiness on the arrival of the Azimio team in Nyeri. They clapped and applauded for the team since they were convinced that Martha and Raila make a good match to lead the nation.

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