If you need motivation to make money, ignore memes and read this story - This might be all you need.


Very many people need plenty motivation to sit down, grind harder and make a good life for themselves and the ones they love.

But I sincerely don't.

I'm not being insensitive to people who are legitimately depressed in this world; it's also not to invalidate the efforts of motivational speaker out there, alright, but every day, everything around me is motivation for me to be better, to harness the good of this life. 

Let's begin with mum.

I'll tell you something, fam. This April makes it 8 years since mum began the finance-intensive culture of making sure a generator is running at home EVERY NIGHT A YEAR.

For this reason, we ALWAYS have 2-3 functional generators simultaneously (2 petrol generators, and a diesel engine for the water pump) all of which get serviced periodically. I haven't known what it feels like not to have my phone or laptop charged for up to 25 nights in 8 years now. 

This has been on for 8 years, through multiple national fuel price hikes, through recessions, through the Covid-19 lockdown.

Just let that sink!

This is the top reason I don't visit most of the people I should or even sleep in most average hotels: if I don't have power for work and ventilation through the night until I fall asleep, then I won't sleep.

Some theories have it that children don't owe their parents anything. Maybe, maybe not, but with all my heart, in this life, I intend to molest my mother with so much good stuff that it will almost literally choke her.

That's my first girlfriend.

Everytime I remember all the account numbers of younger guys and ladies saved up on my phone, and the owners of those accounts periodically waiting to get credit alerts to solve one problem or another, I cannot think to lag.

Everytime I remember that my church has to grow, plant new branches in other cities, install a crazy new audio set (which I'll play with too), and all the blessings that would cannonball right into my life from that singular act, I know I need to work harder.

Everytime I remember that I don't intend for any of my children to stay longer than the age of 15 in Nigeria, guyyyy, I'm enough motivation for myself.

Don't tell me some quotes you found on the internet. I make quotes for sale every literal week.

This is the reason I don't attend plenty conferences, workshops and seminars. I have to look up the speakers and their niches in advance to be sure I'll get actual value from the financial commitment of such a program.

At the very least, the fridge I'm buying is Bosch, not LG or Thermocool, not the standard-issue budget freezer.

A Bosch smart refrigerator!!

Look up the price and you'll know that when combined, all these are more than enough motivation to last me a lifetime.

What's my point exactly?

If you look carefully, at the family's needs, at your educational progress, at your nephews, at grandma's arthritis or daddy's hypertension, at little brother's visa fees or mummy's store rent, you will find enough motivation to get up and grind.

May God bless your week.

Amen to us.

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