Kutuny Sends Signal of Supporting Raila Odinga Come 2022

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Cherangany member of Parliament as again come out indicating his 2022 presidential choice this comes after he posted something on his page that the journey to Canaan has began he made this declaration by posting Raila Odinga's photo riding on a donkey.a photo of Raila Odinga

This clearly indicates that the vocal Mp might not support the deputy president in his presidential ambition.

Even though the community has challenged the vocal Mp to support his brother William Ruto but Kutuny seems to have decided to turn back against his community by proposing Raila Odinga.

It's unclear on what happened between the vocal Mp and deputy president since they have been riding in different horses just after the birth of the handshake.

Before the fall of BBI the vocal Mp was the chief campaigner this is where the difference between him and the DP was detected among other two members of Parliament in Rift valley region who were against dp are Alfred Keter of Nandi Hills and Silas Tiren of Moiben.

The big question now remaining is whether the vocal Mp could be reelected or not however according to Cherangany residents Kutuny might be serving his last term

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