A father was sentenced for rape and child pornography

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Justice was served when a 41-year-old father who is from Benoni, Gauteng was sentenced for the crimes he committed against children. The court served him with two life terms for the crimes of rape as well as child pornography.

It was reported that the father had pleaded guilty to 426 charges against him. The evil crimes were reportedly committed against his two stepsons and daughter . They were reportedly committed between 2012 and 2021.

Lumka Mahajana , who is the National Prosecuting Authority regional spokesperson revealed that when the crimes took place , the time the boys were between the ages of 6 and 14 . The abuse against the daughter reportedly started when she was only 7 months old , and dragged until she was eight years old.

How and when the abuse would take place

In the report, it was claimed that the abuse would take place in their own home when their mother would be at work .She would leave them in his hands , unaware that they would be exposed to abuse.

 The man was only arrested February 2021, when the abuse was made known by one of the children to one of the relatives.This also made the other abused children to open up .

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