Mugg and Bean, this is fake news, beware.

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There has been some speculations of fake news about Mugg and Bean branches around South Africa, that it is closing. That would be not a good thing because they are well known and are a well established company that has been running for years.

All this happened after the President Cyril Ramaphosa made an announcement that the country would be moving to adjusted level 4 lockdown and the restaurants were forced to temporarily close, this prohibited people from sitting down in the restaurants.

People were panicking all I've South Africa that there would be job losses and the economy going down. This speculations is fake news as the company issued a statement that it is not closing down all over the country but just open only for the aways.

We are aware of fake news doing round @Mugg and Bean is not closing. While sit downs dining is not currently allowed, the majority of restaurants remain open to bring you your favourite M&B meals via delivery, collection and takeaway.

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