Factors that keep back pain away.

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Don't slouch. Keep your back straight. These are just a few commands that moms and sometimes teachers usually give to young people caught slumping into their seats. One of the important lessons of a good grooming class is posture. 

Even though the posture has been taught many times, most people still forget to observe correct posture while sitting, standing, and even while sleeping. Failure to correct this bad habit will lead to back pain and neck pain. Here is an example of a bad sleeping position: lying on your side with both hands tucked under the pillow. As sleep deepens, the upper arm shoulder sags down and becomes a heavy weight.

 In the morning, the neck and shoulder throb with pain. Choosing pillows of different thicknesses can help correct this poor sleeping posture. Use a thin pillow when lying on your back and a thick pillow when you are on your side. 

Flexibility of the spine 

The spine is made up of small bones that need to be aligned properly to properly perform its function - to protect the spinal cord. A condition known as spine misalignment will surely cause many ailments like back pain, neck pain, sciatica, migraine, chronic headache etc. A flexible spine can be achieved through exercise. 


 Yoga is perfect for developing spinal flexibility and spirituality. Do not try to exercise when the body is in pain and certain nerves are swollen and inflamed. Acupressure is one of the effective methods of reducing muscle pain. Seek help only from a professional acupressure expert. 

Spine health

A flexible spine isn't exactly healthy. The back muscles must be strong to keep the body agile. Again, exercise is the best way to build strength. Things should be taken easy at first. Don't push your body to the limit. 

Pain is a warning sign to watch out for. Do five sit-ups a day and add a couple of sit-ups each day. In case of pain, taking analgesics is good but not necessary. 

Do you really need medicine that just masks the pain but not the problem that causes it? When the pain persists, one of the recommended actions to take is to see your doctor or a spine wellness specialist.


After achieving the goal of having a flexible and healthy spine, maintain optimal condition by doing routine body stretches.

Learn how to stretch correctly with cats and dogs. Watch these animals do a stretching routine when they stand up from lying on the ground.

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