Mzansi reacts to London having been alleged to leave Gomora

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Mzansi is convinced that Robert Mpisi's London could die in Gomora Mzansi. This happened after Mazet filled Don’s drink, but he didn't drink it, he gave it to London. 

Minutes after drinking, London collapsed and began foaming at the mouth. At the end of the episode, London was rushed to the hospital, but it seems unlikely that he will make it out alive. Neither Mpisi nor the drama have confirmed the actor's departure. 

Regarded as one of the newest cast members of the scandal, the star may leave the drama Mzansi Magic forever to focus on his newest adventure. 

Mpisi joins a team of elite stars who will replace Boniswa from Lusanda and Xolile from Sivenathi Mabuya. 

Lusanda announced that she was honored to be part of the Scandal family. Little did she know when she took on this role five years ago that she would turn out to be the cold, reckless character we know today. 

“What an honor! What trip! What trip! Five years ago I took care of this warm and motherly queen Boniswa Langa, who cared for nothing but the well-being of her family. Little did I know that she was going to become the cold, calculated villain our audiences love to hate, ”she said. 

He added that it was important for her to leave while she was still at the top. 

“It was always important to me to leave while she was still upstairs. I knew it in my heart when I entered Scandal! Studios first announced in June 2016 that Boniswa would be a five-year journey. It happened. 

“I leave Boniswa as a celebrated, powerful and unadulterated villain. This is the end of his journey and he will only stay in my heart now and continue to live off the millions who continue to give me the best Boniswa Langa quotes and knockoffs every day. I love you all, ”he concluded. 

“So on Friday we said a very subtle peace to Xolile Langa. Yes, I can finally say out loud now that we won't see her for a while. Leaving the very way she came into our lives was a tribute to the true nature of her being ... putting family first. We had that in common; love for family ”. 

Sivenathi announced in September that she was leaving the drama. When saying goodbye to her, she did not rule out the possibility of returning to the show. 

“I can say a lot about Xoli ... but what she will always highlight is her growth. From Xolile Langa to Xolile Langa Mayiza to Xolile LangaMedupe. And what kind of trip it was. 

“This is not a farewell; that's until we meet again. I mean, it's @officialetvscandal after all. Thanks for the love, support and appreciation. The last 4 years have been magical ... it has been an absolute honor to play this character and to be part of the lives of many families in this country. 

This is one that I will cherish forever. Oh, but the memories the joy, the laughter, the lessons, the BOOMIES !!! (THAT'S THE TIME OF THE SCENE). I will never forget this opportunity. Later guys, "he wrote.

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