Opinion: Why Love Is A Den Of Death To Many Nowadays


When the word love is mentioned; joy, happiness and happy endings is what rings in one's mind. But as days go by, the good love side is turning darker.

Over the past few months, online and media houses have filled the air with death cases of lovers or loved ones reason being love. NCRB data shows that the major motives for killing nowadays is love affairs which have been on the increase with increased rates between 2001 and 2021.

Kangogo's case is the latest, whereby she killed two men in the name of love.

Last year, Sharon Otieno and Ivy Wangechi were among the many victims of love and a true definition of sour love.

Some experts, accuse depression and anger to leads of death sentence for many loverbirds.

Due to increased death cases day in- day out many youths may opt to stay single or even date for fun. With those getting into it expected to be more cautious of their partners.

It's advised to know your partner well and avoid doing things which may annoy them to avoid such cases of murder, stabs or even increased violence. Where such events are evident, one should report to the nearest police station or even quit the relationship.

There's no need to continue staying in an abusive relationship or marriage while you can save yourself from death by quitting. Or what do you think?

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